As coronavirus affects nearly every corner of the world, it’s time to focus on nurturing relationships using digital channels

The top headlines in nearly every major news outlet, global and local in most countries, are about coronavirus. International events are being canceled, travel restrictions have been put in place in many countries, and every day the number of infected people rises. Companies have started to reduce, and even stop business travel until this virus either dies out or a vaccine is developed. This even includes local flights within the US, as companies do what they can to prevent the spread of the virus, protect their employees, and their bottom line. Quarantined employees, even if they haven’t been infected, can put a company out of commission. Even Netflix is taking precautions, insisting that actors like Gal Gadot travel on a private jet, which she’s usually against. After all, if for whatever reason she needs to be quarantined, filming stops for several weeks.

What does this mean for businesses? Do we just wait it out? Sure, you can reduce activities in the meantime, but even if you don’t see the affect it has on your bottom line now, you will see it in the future. It doesn’t have to be this way – even in today’s trying times, you can still reach your 2020 goals.

We’ve all prepared for this exact moment. In the past two decades, technology and the internet have taken over nearly every aspect of our lives and we’ve evolved. The world has long ago gone digital, and we’ve got everything we need to continue business as usual without having to place ourselves or our employees at risk.

Trade show canceled? Sure, that’s a shame and nothing beats walking the floor, lecturing at a global event, or presenting your solutions at your beautifully designed booth – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with other attendees. Reach out to speakers, exhibitors, and attendees you planned on meeting at the event and start a conversation on LinkedIn. Schedule video calls and nurture your business relationships using the many tools we have available to us – social media, emails, conference call tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting, and even meeting scheduling platforms provided by some trade shows. While some events are canceled, others aren’t backing down and switching to online events – because it can be done – relationships can be made and deals can be signed with new partners and clients.

Had to cancel that trip to New York or London to meet with potential clients? Don’t just cancel and wait to reschedule after the coronavirus blows over. Reschedule now – have a video call instead. They’ll understand and will likely appreciate the initiative. You can continue reaching out to your audience on social media and via email, you can schedule online demos and video calls instead of F2F meetings, and you can fill up your sales pipeline with qualified leads without hopping on a plane.

It’s all about using the right tools and methodology – from in-depth research into your audience and how to approach them, to outreach and online meeting tools that you can rely on. Building a process that works will serve you and your bottom line well in times like these, and will continue to work and fill up your pipeline when you resume travel. Because next time you go to an event or travel for business meetings, you’ll go there with your calendar already filled up with meetings you know you want. Don’t wait it out, take action now and respond to this crisis by scheduling online meetings with your target audience. With the right strategy, nothing will stop you from reaching your 2020 goals.

This Article Was Written By Dafna Rolls Ish-Shalom, CEO at D|Rolls Associates.

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