Our smartphones became our primary media player. Today, there’s a huge community of developers that create apps that can better the experience on our phones.

This time I chose to focus on 3 Israeli Music Apps that make this experience much better.

Fusic “takes the selfie to the next step” according to its app store listing. The app lets people film videos of themselves singing, lip-syncing or dancing to their favorite songs, with that footage then being integrated with the song’s original video, for sharing.

This Israeli app lets users integrate their version of a song with the one sung by their favorite singer.

Fusic features about 200 songs from licensing agreements with a number of “second-tier music distributors,” said Sade-Sternberg the CEO, but she expects to land a licensing agreement with one of the world’s largest distributors in the coming months, substantially increasing the app’s library. Most of the music videos on the site now are from the pop charts, which Fusic’s core audience, teens and young adults up to age 25, like the most, with a smattering of other genres, such as 80’s rock, disco and show tunes

SoundBetter is a “music creation marketplace” that helps musicians “finish your song” by connecting them with studios, mixing and mastering engineers, producers and session musicians. Artists can post a brief, and then get quotes from these various professionals for how much their services will cost.

Recording is only the first step of the process, and every song that is recorded needs to be mixed, mastered and produced by skilled professionals. That’s millions of songs every year.

SoundBetter is disrupting a $15B/year inefficient music-production services market by connecting musicians with vetted professional mixing & mastering engineers, producers, singers and other production pros who get musicians to a great sounding finished product. SoundBetter is democratizing the last mile that musicians needed democratizing.


YOKEE allows users to have an entirely private karaoke experience on their smartphone. Founded in 2013, by Gil Selka and Ariel Yaloz, the application has an impressive 30 million users who have come to appreciate the opportunity to partake in their very own “empty orchestra”.

In Japanese, the word ‘karaoke’ literally means “empty orchestra,” which may be the most accurate description of the interactive sing-along activity that entertains the masses. But until now, in order to enjoy an evening of karaoke, you had to head out to a crowded karaoke bar or befriend someone with a home karaoke machine.

Yokee presents its users with an extensive library of licensed songs from US publishers in some twenty languages, as well as access to YouTube’s database of sing-along videos. Everything from classical opera to pop, rock and country genres are represented on the platform so that users can really test out their range. Yokee simultaneously records and saves a song, so that your harmonies don’t go to waste.


Written by: Carmit Oron, VP Marketing, Brooks-Keret Financial Management.