How Branding Can Help Start Ups?

The time men spend in trying to impress others they could spend in doing the things by which others would be impressed

At what stage should startup companies begin to contemplate branding?

From our experience, startup entrepreneurs almost always apply to a branding company in the last or final stages of product development, a mere second before the launch stage.


Most growth hackers that lead startup companies are fantastic technologists who tend to rely (excessively) on digital swiftness and optimal utilization of social, marketing and interactive platforms at their disposal.

However, in the real and sometimes cruel world, of the startup industry and the race for financing or recognition, clearly forming correct branding strategy tells the story and provides added value to company executives as well as its customers.

Why do startup companies still refrain from early branding processes? Because…

*             They believe the process is too expensive

*             They rely on their social-digital capabilities (“if the worst comes to the worst” they employ a social media manager by outsourcing).

*             They fear time and energy guzzling thought processes.

*             They believe branding processes are irrelevant at the initial stages.

*             Since they come from the world of precise science, startup company executives want measurable results of the type branding processes are unable to provide in initial stages. Etcetera.

So when should one really consider branding?

“The truth is that startup companies need branding from the moment they begin to search for financing sources for their idea, as creative or unrealistic as it may be,” says Eric Pinkert, CEO of branding company BrandCulture in LA. “Everyone is aware,” he adds, “that a fantastic application or awesome product is not enough to give the world the tidings.”

Thus for example, Pinkert advises startup companies regarding early branding, and first of all the company staff: name, job, hobbies, interesting anecdotes etc. With a photograph, naturally (preferably smiling, with the family dog or in the gym).

These things appeal to the investor population that looks for trust components in young companies and of course – personal connection. And when the above are properly presented – the road to whipping out the wallet is fast and easy.

Startup branding – how should it be done?

Either early or later branding – the way to winning branding is full of good intentions and horrible mistakes. A lot has been said about how branding is beyond a logo and how much it plays a significant and critical part in a brand’s success. How do we cross the river of opportunities safely?

* You have a story, the world should hear it

Since the company has a product and since the world has to hear of it – the branding strategy concentrates all operations in structured order and provides the “unimpeachable source” of all marketing processes to come from now to eternity.

This strategy includes description of the company, product, its properties, affects, objectives and measures and all the ways required to realize them.

 * Where do you live?

 This is the time to roll up one’s sleeves and study – the competition, target audience, preferences, wishes, alternatives at its disposal, pluses and minuses, strengths and drawbacks, business opportunities and the things one must avoid at any price.

 There is no price on information and no limit to the great value quality market study can provide.

 * Elucidate, be precise, repeat your actions

 If you cannot convey a sharp message containing benefits, as well as differentiation from other products – why should they choose you?

 Correct branding identifies the unique benefit you are offering, will “lock down” on it and spread the word. This will be done by conveying a sharp, precise message, noise free, free of copycats and forgeries.

 * And now we can go to the logo (and several other things)

 Think of the APPLE icon, perhaps even the Orange innocent orange rectangle – is there a more venerable objective than a familiar, catchy, and well identifiable logo? Your visual presence is significant.

 Selection of the color palate, font, business cards, graphics – they all play a role. When the latter are linked with your unique style of transmitting verbal messages, the road to transmitting the brand to customers who have never heard of it will be particularly efficient.


At the beginning of the road or further down – this is the way to create a winning brand >


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