Working in Israel can be a positive experience from both a business and cultural perspective. When it comes to choosing an office space in Israel, there are several considerations a company should make:

1. Basics
The number of full-time employees and fly-in visitors that are expected to use the office. The ideal space configuration for your corporate culture — is it an open space? Or a division of private rooms? And of course, the term — how long will space be needed?

2. Location
Other than basic business parameters, it is important to remember that your office location and design can say a lot about your company. Depending on industry your office should reflect the right image and be situated in a location, that makes sense according to your activity and budget.

3. Office
When choosing an office space in Israel there are two main categories: private office in an office building or a fully managed shared office space. A private office offers lower rates per square meter (sqm.)/square feet (sqft.). It does not, however, include utility bills, building fees, cleaning, receptionist, furniture and other services as the fully managed ones do.

4. Culture
In many places, and particularly in Israel, the social aspect of business networking can greatly impact a business’ success. If you choose to join a full-service managed office, knowing the location’s business “feel” and whom your future neighbors will be will help you make a better decision on where to locate.

5. Budget
Finally, for all office types, numbers to consider are sqm./sqft. rate and cost of parking.

Whether you are looking to open a small office or a large-scale operation, having a trusted local partner on the ground in Israel will help you save time and money and will reduce the risk involved in doing business in a foreign territory.


Clearview Partners assists foreign companies doing business in Israel, from identifying attractive business and investment opportunities to  set-up local offices and innovation centers, local employee hiring and on-going management.



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