Quarterly Tip
Shortening the work week

It is hereby brought to your attention that as of 1/4/18, the work week has been shortened by one hour a week. (without salary reduction) 
The meaning is a change from 43 weekly hours to 42 weekly hours – not including brake time. 

The shortening of the work week will be carried out by reducing one hour on a defined and fixed day during the work. The shorter day will be determined according to the needs of the workplace, while taking into account the requests and needs of the employees, and when it is required due to the needs of the workplace, the employer may change the day set.

 Following are a number of relevant clarifications: 
1. An employee who is required to work during the reduced hour, shall receive payment. 
2. The hourly wage shall be calculated according to 182 monthly hours (instead of 186). 
3. Currently the minimum wage remains unchanged, and is not increased. 
4. The shorter work week is applied also to employees working more than 42 weekly hours but less than 43 weekly hours. 
5. The accumulation of vacation/ illness / convalescence for employees payed per hours of work will be according to a full-time position that is composed of 182 hours. 
6. In workplaces where the work is in shifts, the employer shall determine the working hours of each shift as a result of the change in the agreement.

** It should be noted that the wording of the law, as published, leaves various issues unanswered (such as: employees that work less than 42 weekly hours, mothers feeding hour).   In these and other cases, we recommend consulting with the Company’s legal advisor.