Multinational In Israel – Overview

Local Expertise. Global Experience


Ensuring Your Success in Israel

As one of the world’s high-tech superpowers, Israel has a wealth of opportunity for multinationals wishing to establish a local branch or development project. Leveraging those opportunities can be challenging without local support that can effectively guide and execute on day-to-day and longer-term financial management.


Brooks-Keret Financial Management was founded in 1995, offering clients an integrated financial services approach which ensures their finances are expertly managed. Today, we serve over 300 companies, acting as a proactive conduit for our well-established network of principals, investors and leading venture capitalists, to our start-up and multinational clients, including Chinese clients.


Among our services for our Multinational Clients in Israel: CFO Services, Director of FinanceFinancial Controller, VAT Representative, Shadow Payroll, Administrative Services and more.


Multinational Companies In Israel

Why do global companies choose Brooks-Keret?  

  • Experience — We’ve worked with thousands of companies of all sizes and are known for our hard work, innovative solutions and scrupulous adherence to the law.
  • Your VAT Address — To open a company in Israel, you must have a local VAT address and representative. Brooks-Keret represents many global companies and acts as their VAT Representative.
  • Global Business — Expertise working with some of the world’s largest multinationals.
  • Accreditation — We are GAAP Israel, GAAP USA and GAAP EEC certified.
  • Reliability and Accuracy — Providing reliable data, in the format you need on time and within budget.
  • Competitive — Our pricing structure is highly competitive.
  • Size — Large enough to be flexible, but small enough for you to know and work directly with everyone on your team.
  • Widest Range of Services — So that your company in Israel gets everything they need from one trusted supplier.
  • Compliance — We work with all the Big 4 accounting firms, they work closely with us and know the quality of our work.



Registering a Company in Israel

We start by opening your local subsidiary in compliance with local tax regulations.  This includes providing a local address and person to act as your VAT representative in Israel.  You cannot open a business without this. Once your we’ve opened the business, we’ll set it up to ensure that it meets your global budget requirements and reporting needs.


In addition to paying local taxes and working with local authorities to maintain compliance, you’ll receive a monthly or quarterly reports, detailing this. And, at the end of the year, you’ll receive statements and working papers for your consolidated reporting at the end of the year. Brooks-Keret ensures that you remain in control of the local company’s activities including preparing shadow accounts, handling administration, supervising travel and procedures.

Looking to acquire a firm in Israel?

Let Brooks-Keret handle your due diligence.  Our teams understand how Israeli companies work and can quickly identify issues or irregularities.  Companies frequently rely on our transparent and reliable due diligence information for critical decision making.


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