I have been the HR manager at Brooks-Keret for the past 13 years. The human capital in the company is the most important thing to me. In this article, I have chosen to share the essence of my approach in life in general, and in the world of management in particular – “IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE.”

I believe it all starts with relationships, connections between people, which is precisely what I have found at Brooks-Keret.

The issues I have chosen to bring here are relevant to management, especially in challenging times like last year. The biggest managerial challenge we’ve faced has been hybrid management, which seems to be here to stay. 

Here you can find a summary of key points, and tips that represent my managerial perception:

  1. Employee Recruiting – Quality recruitment examines suitability, encompassing three (3) areas: Suitability to job requirements, compatibility with the company’s staff, and its DNA. 
  2. Connecting Employees to the Organization – What can contribute to long-term employee retention?
  • Each person has their own spark – As a manager you should search for that things that motivates your employees to take meaningful actions. 
  • Personal and Professional Development – Professional learning, professional training, English lessons (or other enrichment lessons), personal improvement workshops for employees.
  • Contact with the Direct Manager – Studies conducted over the years show that the main parameter in employee satisfaction and retention is the direct manager.
  • Encouragement and Appreciation – Honest compliments and words of encouragement motivates employees to prove their worth.
  1. Satisfaction Feedbacks – Feedback sessions between employees and managers and employee satisfaction surveys are tools for close communication, clarity, goal setting, and coordination of expectations.
  2. Sense of Being Consequential – An invitation for employees to voice their opinions at staff meetings contribute to the organization and impart a sense of meaning to the employee.
  3. Corporate Events – Forging team spirit, taking trips, and arranging events, connects and integrates employees, breaks routines, and adds terrific value. 


When Things Aren’t Perfect  

As we all know, life is not perfect. Therefore, when difficulty/claims/mistakes or dissatisfaction arise in any area, it is recommended to have open, honest communication based on sharing, transparency, and integrity.

In Conclusion, 

I have chosen to bring up a basket of tools and insights that work and prove themselves with us. It is clear to me that not everyone is necessarily suitable for any organization.  It is essential that each manager chooses the right tools and that he/she connects to their value.  

I invite you to read the full article here


This article was written by Shiri Alon , HR Manger @BrooksKeret.
Contact het at shiri@brooks-keret.co.il


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