DermaCompare is a revolutionary skin cancer screening platform that enables physicians to identify and monitor changes in their patients’ skin characteristics. DermaCompare was developed by Emerald Medical Applications, a digital health startup. Emerald’s technology utilizes the knowledge of military image processing and big data analytics to improve the analysis of medical images for the benefit of patients and the medical community alike.

Melanoma (skin cancer) is very aggressive cancer. The only way to save lives is early detection. 60% of melanoma cases caused by new moles, and 40% cause by changed moles.

Who’s in high risk ? people with personal or family history of melanoma, have more than 50 moles over their body, have light skin, expand many hours to the sun.

We follow our 3T model Take – Track – Treat: Take a photo of your skin, Track it by sharing with your doctor, and get the relevant treatment on time.

The doctor can’t remember our skin over time, and neither do us. Total body photography (TBP) is our “skin memory” on the pixel level. Only few minutes of your time, to take photos at the clinic or at home, and that’s it.

We developed 2 products: DermaCompare system for the dermatologist, and Mobile App for the crowd. The photos that are taken with the mobile App will be sent to the dermatologist. The dermatologist will review the photos, and the system will show him the differences over time. A change like mole’s border or color for example, is a notification for the dermatologist to pay more attention.

Brooks – Keret invited us to a TBP day in their site. This is part of taking care of the workers welfare, and increasing the awareness to early detection of melanoma. Every participant got CD with his own photos, for further tracking.

We invite everyone to come and take Total Body Photography – regular camera, no screening, pregnant woman can participate, 18 years old and up, wearing underwear/swimming suite

Send us name, email and cell number to set an appointment at

You can download our mobile App: DermaCompare for self tracking at home.

 Adi Zamir

VP Product & Operation

Emerald Medical Applications

Mobile:  +972-54-4861247
Email :

**** All pictures were taken by: Orly Yancovich– the photographer of DermaCompare   ****

DermaCompare …. saving life by finding the tiny differences, to make a BIG difference !!!

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