Chinese Desk 


Brooks-Keret Financial Management was founded in 1995, offering clients an integrated financial services approach which ensures their finances are expertly managed. Today, we have over 140 employees serving over 300 companies, acting as a proactive conduit for our well-established network of principals, investors and leading venture capitalists, to our start-up and Multinational Clients including Chinese Clients.

China has become Israel’s second largest trading partner, trailing only the US. As the trade war between Washington and Beijing rolls on and investments from China come under greater scrutiny in the U.S. and Europe, Chinese companies continue to increase investing in Israel in infrastructure projects as part of Beijing’s multinational ‘one Belt and one Road’ Initiative. China is also investing in Israeli innovation and technologies.

However, being successful in doing business and investing in Israel is still a challenging process, considering cultural differences, language barriers, regulation and business issues. Brooks–Keret has recently set up its China desk to serve Chinese companies and integrate financial services starting its setup in Israel and provides the following services:



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Lillian Zhang is Head of the China desk and a Director of Finance at Brooks-Keret. She was raised in Shanghai and has 10 years of financial experience at Deutsche bank, Merck Co, EY and other financial organizations in London and Israel. Prior to joining Brooks-Keret, Lillian worked as a Manager on the M&A team and China desk at EY Israel. Lillian graduated with an MSc. in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics (LSE). She is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA).