People are everything, and as a startup you must move fast and bring the best talent you can to outperform your competition. Yet the best people do cost accordingly.
As a serial entrepreneur, in most of my companies we were targeting customers in the US. I found it very challenging to find good sales / BizDev experts that can actually deliver. Adding that to the high cost of such a professional, is almost impossible to do with only seed investment money. When trying to combine it with equity compensation I faced huge legal costs and tax complexity.

After facing this challenge of finding the best experts, service providers and advisors over and over again, we solved it once and for all by building EquityX.

EquityX gives you access to the world’s best experts marketplace, with a plethora of talents you can’t afford or can’t compensate with cash. The EquityX marketplace allows startups to open a pool-based USD that will be converted to stock options at the next funding round (like a convertible loan, but for expert services). It then allows you to use the pool money to buy services in micro transactions.

Expert services without draining precious cash resources – With a USD worth pool serving as an extra funding, you can now buy services from the experts you like in our marketplace or bring your own.

A one-time setup of system and approval of pool by board – The board needs to approve the pool once and the startups lawyer needs to review the agreement with EquityX once. After this is done, the startup can use EquityX to find and engage with as many different high quality experts on the marketplace.

Talent You Can’t Find Anywhere Else – Our top notch experts work for equity rather than cash, which makes them much more committed to your company’s success.

EquityX is a marketplace for quality startups and experts to find each other and make equity compensation fair, accurate, safe and simple to use. We welcome startups that have raised seed money and more, to join our marketplace.


Ran Oz, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at EquityX

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