Zeekit Case Study

Zeekit is a revolutionary app that lets people try on new clothes they see online, in stores, in blogs or as part of ads. Users take an original photograph wearing a white t-shirt and shorts or miniskirt.  When the user sees something they like, they use their smartphone  to virtually try it on.

  • Retailers benefit from added sales
  • Customers save the hassle of buying and returning clothes they don’t like.
  • Blogs and Magazines can easily add e-commerce to their publications



Brooks-Keret began working with Zeekit following their second round of financing. The company was poised for significant growth, but needed fundamental financial guidelines and services to enable them to move ahead.

When they contacted Brooks-Keret, they were looking for someone to introduce financial processes, understand the business and enable the founders to focus on product development, marketing and sales.