Why Choose Brooks-Keret? 


What Makes Brooks-Keret Unique for You?   

As your personal CFO, we accompany you at any stage with any challenges you might experience along the way. Our CFOs bring the right background, knowledge and insights to help support your company’s success at any level, in a strategic efficient and sophisticated point of view.

  • Supporting Your Growth. Brooks-Keret is different. We understand that a solid financial foundation is more than Accounting. It’s about being strategic by anticipating, considering and planning for future needs, while taking steps in the present to ensure goals are met to support growth. 
  • Understanding Your Needs. As you grow, your financial requirements grow with you.  You need to understand cash flow, burn rates, and the financial implications of business decisions you make. Should you buy or hire? Apply to the Chief Scientist? Acquire local funds? Maybe it’s time to open an office abroad? These are financial decisions that we’ll guide you through and then help you implement.
  • Your Gateway to Investors. That requires business savvy, a focus on innovation and expert financial management and execution. It all matters. The way you open your business, register and report.  But also, we can help you find new companies to acquire, engage in JVs or invest in.  With thousands start-up clients at any time, we are uniquely suited to introduce you to companies looking for investors at every stage. 
  • It’s All About The Right People. People who love what they do and strive to provide the highest levels of service – always. That’s also what makes us unique. 
  • More Than Just Finance – Over the years, we’ve built a community dedicated to your success. Leverage our network of leading VCs, angels, accelerators and others, to give your company a value-added edge to reach your goals.

Every customer has specific goals, needs and aspirations.

Working for You!

Brooks-Keret works to understand your goals, then helps you achieve them.

To do this effectively, our customers are divided into 4  segments, each gets services and expertise focused on its specific needs.