Who We Are 


Since 1995, Brooks-Keret has been Israel’s leading financial services firm dedicated to helping Hi-tech and Startup companies make their journey to success stories. 

We offer professional end-to-end services including high level CFO, financial controller, bookkeeping, payroll, administrative services, US financial solutions, financial services for multinational companies in Israel and more.

All our outsource financial services in Israel and worldwide are provided internally by our in-house experts, which assures you peace of mind, cost reduction and top level service.

Learn why some of Israel’s most successful companies in the world turn for services and advice.


We Strive For Excellence In Everything We Do


  • Professionalism – We are driven out of a commitment to excellence.
    We specialize in the area in which we operate and are committed to learning, improvement and constant development.
  • Service – We listen to the wishes and needs of our customers and do our best to provide them with comprehensive solutions and a high level of service that exceeds expectations.
  • Honesty and Integrity – We do not compromise on the values of integrity, honesty and reliability. We stand by our promises and expect from ourselves and others the highest ethical standards.
  • Caring and Responsibility – We are driven by a sense of commitment and Responsibility to our clients. We listen to and care for those around us.
  • Innovation and Initiative – We strive to find unique and innovative solutions. We encourage ‘open mindedness’ and challenge ourselves to act beyond our role.
  • Openness and Teamwork – Success is due to our ability to act as one body whilst at the same time utilizing the individual strength and capabilities of each team and each employee. We believe in teamwork, open communication and sharing ideas and talent.