VAT Representative in Israel

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Brooks-Keret – Your Fiscal Representative in Israel 

Multinational Companies are required by local tax authorities to appoint VAT fiscal representatives.
Brooks-Keret provides VAT solutions for multinational businesses operating in Israel.

Our Fiscal representative is responsible for the correct management and settlement of VAT on behalf of companies, in accordance with the local regulations


The Role of the Fiscal Representative

The tax authorities regard a fiscal representative as the local agent of the foreign company.
In many cases, the Fiscal Representative is still held jointly and severally liable for the taxes of the company.
We will make sure your VAT declarations are submitted accurately, on time, and in full compliance with all legal formalities.


We understand your business demands dealing with complex Value Added Tax (VAT) financial and compliance issues, which is why we provide your business with the complete set of service you require for a higher degree of compliance.


Your Experienced Vat Representative Provides:



We take responsibility for management and settlement of VAT obligations, this includes proper registration with the local tax office and that your company is completely compliant with regulations regarding invoicing, VAT treatment and exchange rates.



Includes handling enquirers and tax audits from the local VAT office.



We maintain accounting records in compliance with local standards, making them readily available for audit by authorities.


Fiscal Representative is required by the local tax to ensure that:

  • The company is properly registered with the local tax office.
  • Fully compliant with rules on invoicing, VAT treatment, exchange rates.
  • Accounting records are maintained to local standards.
  • All VAT and associated filings are correctly prepared and submitted.
  • Tax inspections from the VAT office are professionally handled. 



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