US CFO Services

Expertise That Enables You to Grow


As a company doing business in both Israel and the US, your organization needs to maintain compliance with both countries regulatory standards in accounting, governance and taxation issues. That requires complete expertise, relationships and resources in all financial matters in both countries.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bring this cross-border expertise in house – in fact, it’s often more effective and affordable to bring in an external solution.

Our specific expertise in cross-border, US-Israel accounting ensures your business will maintain complete compliance in both countries. Moreover, you’ll receive valuable strategic guidance to help ensure your organization achieves its goals.


We provide the most experienced and professional CFOs to handle Risk Management Knowledge whether it’s in the form of employees compensation and benefits, insurance requirements, currency exchange or hedging.

We can help you effectively manage these areas to avoid lawsuits and negotiate the best cost situation for long-term viability of your business.

  • Company financial strategy and planning
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports to the board/investors/CEO
  • Budget planning and periodic BVA reports
  • General accounting and statutory issues related to the company’s activity
  • Periodical financial statements
  • Monthly meetings to discuss the company financial performance
  • Ongoing work with the company’s auditors