Posted on January 31.2013 | article by: Shira Lazar host and executive producer of What’s Trending .


Follow your passion. Passion is a fuel for your mission.

Have a clear goal. Know exactly what do you want, how to get there and how it will make a change in the world.

Recognize your philosophy and try to achieve your target in light of this philosophy.
Put attention on quality, much before you are running to raise money.
Hire people you feel comfortable with – they share your passion, values and beliefs.
Create movements, not just a product. Even if your ideas are not totally original/world changing, you can success.

You don’t have to be like other entrepreneur, you just have to research yourself good enough to get the right answers regarding – who you are, what is your purpose/target, what kind of a leader you want to be, etc.

Balance product with create social marketing – pay attention to build a great product first. Zuckerberg was very deliberate in how he rolled out his product to his users across college campuses and then beyond. He ensured that their capacity was able to handle the new demand. When had a great product, they started their focusing on marketing, passionate users first.

Identify your customers and choose the right platform for a success engagement. Whether it will be facebook, pinterest, google+ or any other platform.

If your resources are limited, focus on building an engaging community on just one network. Then, creating relevant content, responding in real-time and providing constant value will help you engage more customers.

In 2013, analytics will become more sophisticated, useful and will be integrated into more services. Thus – tools for analyzing data faster and better will be crucial. As a result, decision-making cycles will get shorter.
The article, Think Like Zuck: The Secrets to Facebook’s Success, was republished from Entrepreneur.