Team Leaders

Ensuring Every Customer Has the Right Resources When They Need Them.

Brooks-Keret Team Leaders


The company divided into multiple teams, led by an experienced CPA and CFO. Each team works with different types of Brooks-Keret customers, providing end-to-end services including:


  • CFO services 
  • Financial Controller
  • Bookkeeping services 
  • Payroll services 
  • Administration services 


Every team manager is carefully selected, accredited and offers years of experience.  Many of the company’s best innovations come from team members who look for creative solutions to better do their jobs.  They manage their team and its resources while ensuring that customers receive the attention and service they require. 

When a new customer joins the firm, the team leader will assemble the right group of people to provide the best level of service.  They are in daily contact with CFOs and Controllers to ensure that every company we work with remains financially stable, is compliant and meets its statutory payments. Team leaders ensure that every customer has the right resources when they need them.