While meeting with potential customers, my first questions “What do you want to achieve? What are your goals?”

The answers vary, and split among the types of services:

Some customers want a simple site while others want a flashy image site. Some are working towards B2C, and it is appropriate for them to promote themselves through Google and Facebook and there are those whose target audiences are businesses (B2B) and the natural recommendation is to work through LinkedIn.

The business network, LinkedIn, has 500 million members worldwide with close to 1.5 million people in Israel. This includes CEOs, VPs, senior managers and decision makers in tens of thousands of leading organizations throughout Israel.

Surveys show that LinkedIn has become an effective source of leads, marketing and sales, and recruiting employees, especially those operating in the B2B arena.

The business benefits of LinkedIn are enormous and include:

  •          Locating new customers around the world in a focused manner.
  •          Maintaining and expanding the network of professional connections in a rapid manner.
  •          Branding the organization and services that the company offers.
  •          Building personal and professional branding.
  •          Identifying business partners, suppliers and investors.

However, the real value is in groups. Groups with the people who are connected to you and not necessarily following the company page or on the CEO profile.

The value in LinkedIn is divided into two:

  1. Establishing the infrastructure and positioning the company as a subject matter expert
  2. Creating personal relationships with potential clients to coordinate meetings.

First part: The process to achieve this:

  1. Upgrade Profile CEO / VP.
  2. Update Company Page.
  3. Publishing content in the profile, company page and groups.

Content is usually the “Achilles’ heel” among the customers, and here comes to play the experience of companies that specialize in the subject and “help” the customer to find information that exists but has not been used:

  •          Original articles
  •          Articles in the field are relevant
  •          Photos from events
  •          Photos with customers
  •          Customer Stories
  •          Customer Testimonials
  •          Video Clips (e.g. YouTube)

After upgrading the profile and company page, people can easily identify you while you post or join groups make people identify you as an expert in the field and a wave of company requests begins, and at the same time we turn to people who we marked before as potential and ask them for membership. Each approved membership request opens up dozens or hundreds of potential new contacts.

These actions increase the circle of contacts and actually bring us to the second part of work in LinkedIn.

The second part is a personal request to the people you want to meet with.

Now you’ll understand how it looks on the other side: Customers / Investors / Partners / Distributors have been receiving from you articles and information as mentioned above.

If there is a need, and you contact them with a request to meet, the door will open easily.


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The article was written by Ronen Sivan, Founder & CEO of www.sivan-kidum.com

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