Splitty Travel is a fast-growing technology company that assists travelers get better hotel deals while helping hotels better manage their inventory.
“When we left the Incubator, one of our investors introduced us to Brooks-Keret. From that point on we‘ve used their services, including CFO, bookkeeping, payroll, etc.
After a long period, which included several investors requests for due diligence, we managed to raise a significate Series A funding. Assaf Vardimon and his team accompanied us throughout the process, until the completion of the round.
Hiring Brooks-Keret proved to be extremely important during our funding round. Brooks-Keret functioned as our CFO, like an in-house finance function. Brooks-Keret did everything proactively and I never had to tell them what needed to be done.
Brooks-Keret was an integral part of our company, real partners.
A valued employee is someone who invests 100% of his time and effort in the company, and that was always the feeling we got from them.”

Eran Shust | CEO | SplittyTravel