Registering a Business in Israel

A foreign company referred to in the Companies Law – 1999 (herein after – the Company Law) “foreign company” that wants to conduct business in Israel must register at the office Registrar of Companies. Section 346 of the Companies Law requires each company that has a foreign business activity in Israel, to register with the Registrar of Companies as a foreign company operating in Israel.

Section 1 of the Companies Law provides:

“A foreign company – a corporation, other than a partnership, incorporated outside Israel.”

In this regard, Section 346 of the Companies Law provides that:

“A foreign company will not hold a place of business in Israel, including the Ministry of Transfer of shares or registration of shares, unless registered as a foreign company under the provisions of this section and has paid the registration and publication fees prescribed by the Minister under this section.”

In addition to registration with the Registrar of Companies, Israel business activity requires opening a file and register with the tax authorities in Israel. The meaning is to VAT, income tax and national insurance before starting business operations stated.
Documents required for registration of a foreign company.


Application for registration of a foreign company shall be submitted to the Registrar within one month after the establishment of the place of business, and enclose the following documents:

(1) A copy and a Hebrew translation of the Articles authenticated by a notary who confirms the translation is correct (signatures are not required to appear on the copy of the articles of association).

(2) A list of the company’s directors.

(3) The name and address of a person resident in Israel who is authorized to receive articles for the company and act in its name (power of attorney).

(4) A copy of the written permission,  power of attorney and the power of a resident in Israel to act on behalf of Israeli Company (power of attorney).

(5) Certificate of incorporation from the original State, signed by an apostil and a document showing that the company is active (in terms of registration) as of the date of filing the application.

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