Quarterly Tip – Tax Coordination


The end of the year has arrived and employers will soon be producing 106 forms for the 2019 tax year.

Who should contact the tax Authorities?


  • Employees employed in more than one workplace in the tax year
  • Employees that changed jobs during the tax year
  • Retirees receiving a salary from a job in addition to pensions
  • Anyone with a number of different taxable sources of income.
  • Employees who donate to nonprofit institutions
  • employees with an independent provident fund
  • Employees that changed their marital status during the year.
  • Employees that graduated their degree (in the previous year)
  • And employee who is entitled to tax benefits and did not updated his payroll controller in his workplace during the year…


So… don’t hesitate check your taxation..

And don’t forget to check national security as well..


The Tip was written by Shirley Hoffman, Specialist Payroll Controller at Brooks-Keret