Payroll Services 

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Payroll Services – Accurate and On Time 

One of the most complex aspects of running a business is getting your payroll done on time and correctly – no matter what size the company may be. 
For employees and company officers, ensuring that all deductions are made correctly and forwarded to the tax and social security authorities is critical. 

Brooks-Keret offers a payroll services for companies with 2 or 2000 employees.  Our specialist team ensures that your payroll is done properly – providing you complete transparency and information. 
Even if you have employees on overseas assignments or overseas employees working in Israel, we can provide detailed and accurate calculations. 

Our payroll controllers will receive your employees’ information, incorporating deductions into a periodic payroll and issuing pay and pay-related information to employees.

We manage your payrolls and pensions, employee benefits, public health insurance and more. We also covers administration and processing, in addition to tax deductions and filings and all regulatory requirements – from A to Z.

Every month, our experienced payroll department ensures thousands of employees receive their compensation on time.

Israeli Companies Operating in the US 

For companies with offices overseas, especially in the US, Brooks-Keret works with service providers to ensure that your payroll needs are met. 
We ensure that all equal opportunity in the workplace are met and prevent problems that may arise due to local jurisdiction. Learn more


Your expert payroll team provides:



Comprehensive Payroll Execution

We take care of everything regarding payroll functions, including issuing accurate pay slips; creating simulations; and ensuring tax compliance.


Monitor Social Benefits

As part of our services, we working alongside your insurance professionals to monitor social benefits such as pension and education funds.


Manage Public Benefits

Including government-funded entitlements such as: maternity and military reserve leave refunds.


Complete Tax Reporting

All monthly and annual payroll-related tax filings and reporting will be expertly and timely prepared and submitted to the respective authority.


Liat Barbara Komemi

Payroll Manager

Liat has over 13 years of vast experience in the field of payroll in large organizations, including global and high-tech companies. Her responsibilities on top of the payroll process include regulation, payroll controlling, implementation of payroll and attendance systems and establishment of reports.

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