Brooks-Keret is Expanding to Haifa & the North!

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve recently opened a new branch in Haifa, managed by Ziv Artzi, CPA & CFO.

Ziv Artzi is an experienced hands-on CFO with over 15 years leading the finance department of startups, international hi-tech and publically traded companies.
Ziv has vast experience with medical devices, hardware, software, industrial companies and multinational corporates.
Ziv is a CPA and holds a BA and MBA from Haifa University.

You will benefit from:

  • Access to VC’s, Angels and Investors
  • Strategic CFO Services
  • Local & International Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll & Admin
  • In-house US bookkeeping % compliance department
  • On Premise Financial Controlling
  • Connection to Multinational Corporations


Let’s Meet for a pro-bono consulting meeting – 054-2220140