Oren Brooks

Co-Founder Brooks-Keret Financial Management


Oren Brooks is the man behind the vision of Brooks-Keret. At the start of his career, he worked as an accountant in the Professional Department of KPMG and, after a while, decided to start out independently. After approximately one year of intensive work, he joined forces with Gil Keret and they were later joined by his wife, Dafna Brooks. Together, they established a company that was both different and unique in its approach – Brooks-Keret.
Oren, who is known for his remarkable integrity and honesty, believes that creating a cooperative atmosphere whilst, at the same time, fostering his team and customers, is the foundation for every endeavor. “We are a business that focuses on people. While it’s true that we deal with numbers, we also firmly believe that behind the numbers there are people and relationships, and it is on these that we choose to place our focus. Irrespective of whether they are clients or employees, all are part of that delicate and wide-ranging tapestry that is the Brooks-Keret family. These values of cooperation and family are reflected in the daily life of the company and its activities”.
Oren guides and mentors the company’s management team. He is responsible for quality and professionalism. As one who firmly believes in flexible thinking, Oren doesn’t believe in rigid structures or hierarchies. This leads him to encourage all those with whom he comes into contact with, to express their opinions and ideas whilst encouraging them to think outside of the box. His aim is to find new and efficient paths that will lead to additional opportunities.
Oren is the company’s “anchor”. He brings with him his unique life experiences and skills. His outlook is to bring people closer together as he sees this as being the foundation for better cooperation. This is expressed in his personal philosophy according to which: within every individual lies the potential that, providing the appropriate physical and mental conditions are provided, will allow them to grow and achieve the best they can. From this developed the exceptional uniqueness that is so characteristic of the company and the development of a secure infrastructure and space for the personal and professional development of all of the company’s employees.
Oren has a B.A. in Accountancy and Statistics from the University of Tel Aviv.