Liron Kfir, CPA

CFO, Head of CFO Department 


Liron started her career as a manager at PwC’s high-tech cluster , which gave her broad experience on the life cycle of a high-tech companies- starting from seed to an IPO/ purchase stage.

After leaving PWC, she joined a Biomed company as a director of finance, in which she was part of round A and round B, dealt with budgets, company reorganization, subsidiaries cash flows managed (in UK, US, Israel and Singapore) etc.

From there she left to an online marketing company as a CFO. During her time there she managed the earn out process and stabilized the company following the acquisition by a UK company.

Today as a CFO at Brooks-Keret for few years- she runs the CFO’s department, she accompany startups in various industries among them are Cyber companies in all of their stages, and dealing with equity/debt funding, budgets, company structures, processes optimizations, options plan, board meeting, finance team management (Inc and IL) etc.