Lee Shafrir

VP Sales & Marketing 


Lee Shafrir has over 18 years of global experience in business development and sales, broadband marketing and channel marketing in the IT, Software & Hardware, Cyber Security and Telecom industries.
She believes that “any company needs a high-end finance team in order to success. We start with our critical CFO services that guide companies as they grow. We then add  services that bring value.  But most importantly, we become a part of the companies we serve.”

Lee meets startup companies every day, learn their products and business and listen to their needs. She then connects them with their finance team at Brooks-Keret to start their journey. 

Together with her team, Lee has established the “partners program” in order to create value to Brooks-Keret’s clients by partnering with the leading vendors and suppliers to achieve their best rates and benefits.

Lee holds BA in Behavioral Science and Marketing at the College of Management in Tel Aviv. She has recently finished a course of Analyses Financial Statements and Reports at the IDC Executive Education Herzelyia.