Gil Keret, CPA

CEO & Co-Founder Brooks-Keret Financial Management

Gil Keret is the CEO & Co-Founder of Brooks-Keret Financial Management Ltd.

“We offer a high-end CFO services . We understand the DNA of startups, how they work and the kind of people that succeed in these unique companies. During the past two decades we have worked with hundreds of startups, we have gained a lot of experience, and we have learned a lot of lessons that we share with our portfolio companies.”

“Yes, we offer a full range of services. We are involved in strategic management decisions in the startups we work with from day one. When you work with Brooks-Keret, you get end-to-end financial services. From CFO services to administration services –  that makes all the difference.  We help ensure that you can sleep at night because you know you are in good hands.”

Gil has been helping startups and other high tech companies for more than a quarter century.  When he’s not rushing between clients, he runs leadership sessions, meets VCs and investors and helps bring customers and investors together.

He also runs the Brooks-Keret Expert Panel program where companies can present to a volunteer panel of VCs , analysts, marketing, operations and financial professionals. They gain invaluable experience and critical practice.

Gil believes in giving back to the community. It’s more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. He’s volunteering in “Olim-Beyahad”, “Migdalor” and more.

In his spare time, Gil loves outdoor activities such as scuba diving, kite-surfing, sailing and motorcycle touring.

He is a CPA and holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from Haifa University.