David Siboni, CPA

Partner & CFO 

David Siboni is a senior CPA responsible for supervising the financial activity of more than 60 companies together with his team.

He joined  Brooks-Keret as a CFO and a team leader of 20 experts, and supervises all accounting functions of its clients.

David brings with him over 7 years of financial experience in the field of global high tech companies.

Before joining to Brooks-Keret, David served as the corporate controller of 3M Electronic Monitoring, a world leader company  in the field of electronic law enforcement.

Prior to that, David has served as the corporate controller of Qualitest, the world’s largest QA company.

Earlier in his career David spent 3 years in Deloitte and worked closely with start-ups aiming to raise money from the chief scientist office. He also served in Deloitte’s ERS department and made internal Audit

reports for various global companies.

David’s holds a B.A in accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv university.