Dafna Brooks

Co-Founder Brooks-Keret Financial Management

Dafna Brooks is a Co-Founder at Brooks-Keret.

Together with Oren Brooks and Gil Keret they have built up a successful business. Dafna takes overall responsibility for Brooks-Keret’s human resources ,operation, procedures and methods. She’s the guiding spirit and mentor of the management team – combining her people skills with responsibility for finances and operations.   She also works with teams to build better communication skills by providing them employees empowerment training.

Dafna fosters a positive, confident and respectful workplace atmosphere that enables employees to achieve outstanding results. “I am very proud of Brooks-Keret; it has been one of my life’s major achievements – to be a home for many people after so many years is a testament to our approach.

Our company focuses on connecting people, on satisfaction, on working and caring for one another. We are a family that respects our people and our clients. We strive for professionalism, transparency and honesty.”

Dafna’s primary goal is to ensure that Brooks-Keret provides a unique service experience to the customers they serve. “We are a service business.  But it’s all about people. It’s about building a talented team and keeping customers satisfied through training, listening and always doing our best. Our employees stay with us, which means continuity for our customers and a more cohesive team, our customers learn that at any stage, they can rely on Brooks-Keret”. 

​Dafna Brooks holds BA in Psychology and Education from the Open University, is a certified Tax Consultant and Senior Payroll Accountant.

She is also certified as a Personal Coach.