Ayelet Shtaub, CPA

Partner & CFO, Head of US Services


Ayelet Shtaub is a senior CPA with years of experience working for US companies, supervising the financial activities of over 50 of Brooks-Keret clients, all US based. Prior to joining Brooks-Keret, Ayelet spent 6 years in the US as the CFO of a subsidiary of an Israeli publicly traded company, Scope Metals Group, and so she became very knowledgeable in the day-to-day aspects of doing business in the US – bookkeeping, HR and payroll, taxes, insurance, etc.

Her team offers a unique service to Israeli start-ups looking to expand their operations into the US market, by handling all financial aspects of their US operations from our HQ in Kadima and overseeing the intercompany relationship with the Israeli affiliate company.

Ayelet brings with her vast experience in the US market and so she can advise companies that are new to the US market, and take them step by step through the US regulations, bureaucracy, compliance requirements and business culture.

Ayelet is a qualified CPA and holds a BA in Accounting and LL.B from the Tel-Aviv University.

Ayelet Shtaub