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Helping You Succeed with Fundraising


Over $7 Billion In Exits For BK Clients  

Every day, we get asked questions like: How can I raise money for my startup?  How do I reach the right investors?  How can I get a proper evaluation for my company? How are preliminary fundraising rounds planned?  What is a fundraising strategy and what is SEED funding, Round A, Round B, etc.?

We have answers for those questions and help our clients prepare for investment. We begin with financial arrangements and continue through the important and creative work needed to raise funds. This includes a compelling story, pitch presentation, preparation of an elevator pitch, budget and business plan.

Brooks-Keret work with venture capital funds, private investors (angels) and investment houses.  We look at startups and map the right target investors. You’ll be able to leverage our direct access to these people and firms so that we can open doors for your company. 


Our fundraising activities are supported by financial services that we provide.  These services offer our clients the knowledge, access, ability and personal connections they need to raise investments at various stages of their company’s development and support IPOs or entering foreign markets.


Access & Exposure

As part of the capital raising strategy and to offer added value to the clients and companies we work with, we hold a variety of events and conferences in cooperation with the funds, investors and additional partners.


The Brooks-Keret Test Drive

If you’re a Brooks-Keret company that needs a product evaluated that is of interest, Brooks-Keret will test drive it for you.  If it is outstanding, we can become your alpha site, giving you access to our users in a real-world setting.  Once you have perfected your stage one product, you can take it on the road and tell prospective investors or customers that it has already been implemented.


The Entrepreneurs Panel 

Every month, three companies post SEED stages or Round A/B funding are selected to present to the Brooks-Keret Entrepreneurs Panel, giving them invaluable exposure and feedback. The panel of expert mentors come from various fields and offer their vast experience.

In addition to mentoring and consultation, the goal of the panel is to identify startups with real potential to find the right investments later down the road.


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Sharon Goldman

VP Investor Relations & Fundraising


Sharon Goldman is an highly experienced entrepreneur, specializing in product, content, business development, strategy and fundraising. Her unique integration of technical, creative and managerial expertise, along with her sharp thinking, innovative ideas, strong communication skills brings success to companies and entrepreneurs. 

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