Fidelis Family Office

About Fidelis
Fidelis is a family office which provides strategic wealth management services, including asset allocation, manager selection, fee review, consolidated reporting and overall financial advisory & portfolio monitoring.

How did it all start?
Our business activity grew to the point that we needed to hire a finance manager. We considered the option of appointing an internal CFO and Finance department or, alternatively, contracting with Brooks-Keret to appoint an external CFO.
Brooks-Keret offered us the best of both worlds – the appointment of a skilled and experienced accountant, who is close to us and knows the company very well, as well as financial flexibility (eliminated the need to hire a senior financial manager and all of the logistical factors associated with it).

How is the conduct with Brooks-Keret?
The combination of an external finance manager (close to us, in daily contact with the team) along with a senior partner from the firm that supports special tasks and serves as reinforcement when necessary is a perfect combination that provides an optimal service package.

How have we helped you?
The creation of high-level financial infrastructure (building a budget, creating a reporting infrastructure, managing financial projects, assisting in working with the company’s CPA, etc.) With the help of Hagar Lavi, Nitsan Pinhas, Yoni Amosi and the Brooks-Keret’s team we’ve built a financial infrastructure suitable for our size and needs.

Please tell us about a significant process you went through with Brooks-Keret
Building a budget and strategic plan for 4 years, including cash flow forecast, overhead expenses forecast, growth and profitability forecast. The plan built together with Brooks-Keret is the basis for our work and growth plan in the coming years.