FDNA Case Study

FDNA enables precision medicine with artificial intelligence

Genetic code is at the core of most human diseases—whether in-born genetic errors that cause cancer, autism or other rare diseases, or genetic pathways that maintain healthy biology.

Every human has thousands of genetic variations and errors that may affect their health. Many of the diseases caused by these variations remain undiagnosed, or will not manifest until later in life.

Through innovation, FDNA is paving the way for clinicians to diagnose these diseases earlier, for labs to interpret genetic information more accurately and for life science researchers to make new discoveries to help develop precision medicine.

FDNA uses artificial intelligence to analyze patient symptoms, features and genomic data. FDNA has established a network of thousands of genetics professionals worldwide, delivering scientific insights to improve and accelerate diagnostics and therapeutics, to help change the lives of people globally.

How Brooks-Keret became involved

FDNA raised a significant funding in their series B financing, which required the company to undergo rapid growth from a small R&D focused team, to a global operation.

A company like FDNA is complex. It has a critically important R&D goals, but it needs to accelerate product reach on a global scale.  In its earliest stage, the company was focused primarily on R & D, but with the new financing, it had to create a global market for it’s products – a market that didn’t exist. To make matters even more complex, the management and business leadership are based in Boston, MA, next to its clients and user base, while the R&D team is based primarily in Israel.

Brooks-Keret enabled the company’s management to focus on market growth, while making sure that the existing R & D’s operations remains in line with the company’s goals, policies and budget. Initially, it brought on board one of our partners, Josh Johnson, as acting CFO together with a controller bookkeeping, admin and payroll services. The Brooks-Keret team instituted financial procedures that apply to a global operation and then began analyzing available data, understanding burn rates and creating reports for management and the Board to support financial transperacy and proper financial and tax planning. 

The Bottom Line:

The external Brooks-Keret team quickly and seamlessly integrated into the workflow at FDNA , enabling the company to grow their core business activity remotely from the R&D activities.   Because we focused on finance, company management could focus on the business. This included the CEO delegating local Israeli financial and operational authority to local management supported by Brooks-Keret and focusing on the US market from the company’s headquarter to drive growth and revenues.


“Having Brooks Keret’s meticulous oversight on the daily financial operations allows me to focus on growing the business. Our unique structure of an R&D site that is remote from the core business of the company is especially challenging in growth stages and BK serves as a one-stop-shop for all financial needs of our company, regardless of location.”