Brooks-Keret provides financial and accounting services for startups, high-tech companies, as well as international companies operating in Israel. Outsourcing financial services is the most cost- and time-effective method for companies to benefit from highly trained professionals on an as-needed basis.  These professionals become part of the team without adding to overhead and CAPEX.

Companies benefit from a variety of pricing models, and can get the help they need, whenever they need it without the additional costs of employing a person. If your company grows – or shrinks – you can add or reduce resources without costly payments. 


Brooks-Keret’s experience of serving over 300 companies in a variety of industries demonstrates that even companies with in-house financial teams don’t always have the capacity to fully and adequately manage the company’s financial workload. Brooks-Keret offers support by taking on some of this, enabling your in-house team to focus on the strategic tasks of growing your business. Thirty percent of our clients have an in-house CFO/controller but use our controller, bookkeeping and payroll services.  When necessary, we also provide high profile CFO services for small companies that employ an in-house controller.


Brooks-Keret solutions maintain maximum flexibility, and we are completely transparent.  Some companies prefer to add team members as they grow, starting with a CFO/controller while outsourcing bookkeeping etc.  As they continue to grow, we will advise when it makes financial sense to add your own internal team.  Many companies with an in-house controller, bookkeeper, or any other financial management staff still benefit from outsourced financial services and financial advice, which we are always happy to provide.


Our operating method ensures that you have access to everything. After all, it is your business.  But we allow our clients to focus on growing their business while we handle the financial work.  You’ll have immediate access to data, reports, and information. We maintain compliance, take care of reporting and hold regular meetings to ensure that the company is on the right track. Brooks-Keret works carefully to align the company’s strategic goals with its financial resources.


Brooks-Keret is a recognized leader in the financial services sector, with many years of experience.  Our customers have earned more than 7 billion dollars in exit or acquisition payments and are among Israel’s biggest success stories including: Waze, Outbrain, PayPal and others.

However, the real difference is our total approach to service, melding financial expertise, business savvy and real innovation. This gives our customers the guidance they need for growth. And we work closely with customers to keep them on the right track – freeing them to focus on their product development, marketing and business development.  

Because we start with CFO services, we become part of your business, understanding your problems and potential, and helping you achieve your goals. Our teams enjoy their work and it reflects on the way they work with customers.  We regularly receive letters from customers stating that “it’s a pleasure to work with Brooks-Keret”.