Employees flying abroad on business and need medical attention?

It can be a major headache, or not! 😊

Now that travels are back to our normal routine, and while you focus on your start-up and business development, you will need to handle your employees’ travel arrangements, including their medical insurance.

The traveling routine in the “Post Coronavirus” era, if one may say so (Covid19 isn’t over … and will probably stay with us for quite some time), is different than it was before, especially with regards to preliminary preparations. Spontaneity is OUT! Airplanes are fully booked, flights are more expensive, and airport queues continue to break records.

Arranging travel insurance is no longer that spontaneous.

The concept of medical insurance, including the fear of getting infected abroad, be it with Covid19 or something else, has changed over the past two years. As a result, insurance companies have also changed their underwriting terms (insurance acceptance conditions), updated rates, and constantly made adjustments. Nowadays, travel insurance is no longer considered a “Nice-to-Have” or luxury but a “Must-Have” necessity.


Which solutions exist today for companies?

Are they also suitable for traveling employees from small firms?

There is a solution for companies and businesspersons who travel frequently as part of their jobs, covering all company personnel throughout the year, with no destination limitations or advanced insurance activation. It also includes coverage for non-Israeli company employees. It can easily be turned into a global solution.

This solution can significantly reduce exposure to claims by employees in the case of unadjusted or partial non-insurance coverage.

It can also suit small companies and businesspersons who frequently fly all year round – an annual and advanced solution that can prevent many headaches.


And how does it all connect to the technological and service aspects?

Employees get to use a simple and friendly app which handles all travel and insurance arrangements for them, including beyond-the-lines-services:

*Online consultation with an Israeli specialist physician and a 24/7 hotline for medical assistance

*Access to 1200 Lounges worldwide, including when their flight is delayed for more than one hour

*Automatic insurance policy documentation in English + an English language confirmation, available to all employees

*Tracking the nearest medical center according to location

*Expenses reimbursement interface

*Online refund request form for up to 4 hours in cases of delayed baggage/medical expenses

An Administrative Dashboard designed explicitly for companies enables complete control and management of the business traveling process, starting with budgeting, expenses reimbursement, daily allowances, documentation and filing, specific business trip budget and general managing reports. מתא

What should you pay attention to before choosing your insurance solution?

Key points you should consider before selecting an insurance coverage would be:

  1. Examining insurance coverages and extensions suitable for the needs and nature of the employee’s business trip
  2. Is coverage also required for company employees living abroad?
  3. Customizing the insurance benefits beyond the medical aspects, for activities like extreme sports, an additional expansion for special baggage like laptops, etc.
  4. Considerations pertaining to trip cancellation/shortening due to Covid19, medical or other reasons.
  5. No Health Declaration is required when choosing a group solution. The significance of which should also be considered.


This Article was written by Oshrat Ben Moshe, Founder and CEO at Ginger – The innovative platform for managing health and travel insurance.

Contact Oshrat at: oshrat@gingerbit.co.il





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