Director of Finance

An Integral Part of Your Management Team


Director of Finance – Going Beyond Accounting

In addition to having strong accounting experience and expertise,
Brooks-Keret Directors of Finance provide you with financial analysis in such areas as forecasting, budgeting, cost-reduction analysis and reviewing operational performance. They allow you to get strategic about your company’s finances, leveraging every opportunity to your benefit. 

Highly experienced in fund management, your Director of Finance will support your organization to minimize risk, ensure effective control structure is in place. 


Director of Finance provide the following services:

  • Manage and supervise accounting and payroll
  • Oversee financial operations with banks and other financial instututions 
  • Application for grants
  • Track operating and financial performance vs. targets
  • Implement internal control procedures
  • Analyze cash flow and expenses 
  • Manage the company’s assets
  • Manage accounts receivable, credit limits, collection policies and targets
  • Ensure compliance with best practice regulations
  • Interface with external auditors
  • Review and manage the financial statements
  • Pinpoint potential risk and cost-saving measures