Careers at BK 


If you are an experienced CFO, controller, bookkeeper or payroll specialist, you may have several options available.  But few companies offer the unique professional and personal atmosphere you’ll find at Brooks-Keret Financial Management. 

Our senior team is composed of former partner-track professionals from the major accounting firms who were looking for something different. They joined Brooks-Keret and have stayed with us because we believe in working hard, but we also know that people have lives, families and other obligations.  Perhaps that’s why in a business where people constantly move, our team stays for at least six years and longer.


Here’s just a few of the reasons you should  join our company:  


People.  Our firm works with numbers, but first and foremost we are a people business. The thing we hear most from customers is how pleasant it is to work with our teams.  We do our utmost to create a great place to work, with people who enjoy coming in every morning. We are very serious about what we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our work. 


A Varied Career. With over 130 employees and more than 300 customers, Brooks-Keret is one of Israel’s leading financial management firms. From startups to global companies , we offer an interesting atmosphere. Today, you could be working on agro-tech, tomorrow it could be fin-tech and the next day the new Tel Aviv light railway.


Personal & Professional Growth. We invest in our people because they are our most valuable asset.  Whether it is professional lectures from market leaders, financial seminars, weekly English lessons (delivered by a former Wall Street manager) or management workshops , a large majority of our firm are women and we offer courses in empowering women in business. We ensure your personal and professional growth.


Internal Promotion. We encourage internal growth by promoting from within. In almost every case, we enabling talented people to advance in their career, sidelong we embracing technology for achieving efficient tools that make work easier and more precise. 


Family.  You’ve heard a lot of companies say that “we are a family”, but at Brooks-Keret we live it.  Just ask any of our employees. We respect your right to have a family and external obligations.  We work hard to ensure you have real life work balance. During good times and less happy times, we stick together, because that’s what family does.


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