Administrative Services

Managing Your Business Operation & Administration


Effectively Manage your Business Operation & Administration 

You no longer have to chase after vendors, customers payments, fee proposals or struggle with bureaucratic demands. The administrative services provide your business peace of mind by handling all these time consuming issues. 
You are now available to invest your energy in developing your business.

Brooks-Keret Administrative Services support your business in creating and optimizing your business , whether its collecting employees’ information for payroll purposes, organizing office space, managing  vendors’ to collecting price proposals , we’re at your service.

Administration Support

  • POC for all vendors and service providers.
  • Processing employees’ monthly expense and travel reports. 
  • Processing approved vendor payments and more.

Your expert administrative services team provides:



Absorbing New Employees 

We accompany your new employees through the hiring process; We help with the 101 form, contact the insurance brokers, set up work station.


Customized Admin Solutions  

Responding to your unique needs, we’ll develop a plan of action to address your challenges and objectives. 


Expert Guidance   

In a wide range of administrative issues, including evaluating and selecting finance systems and processes and resource allocation.


Manage Vendors   

Including procurement, contract negotiations and payment processing.


Define and Implement Work Process

We’ll help you establish optimal daily processes to ensure you’re maintaining operational efficiency. 


Collect Your Employees’ Information

We will collect your employees’ information, incorporating deductions into a periodic payroll and issuing pay and pay-related information to employees.