A social enterprise for building websites

What is a social enterprise anyway and how does it help make the world a better place?

Hello everyone. Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Avital Yardeni. I started out in high-tech, moved on to social enterprise and have done a full U-turn to return and combine these two worlds.

As so many others, I grew up in the warm embrace of the high-tech industry. Hard work, professionalism, great rewards, both financial and personal, and I was climbing the corporate ladder.

I studied computer science, managed a team, a development group, complex projects and more. It was all high-pressure, heavy load work and it was moving along just fine.

Then after 18 years I quit and switched to the world of social enterprise. A totally different kind of work involving a lot of soul, the challenges are different and the financial rewards are on a totally different scale.

Seven years after arriving in the social world I decided the time had come to combine the two worlds. With the exposure I had gained to social enterprise I realized this was the right solution. A model that is at the same time both social and profitable.

This is where I should add a few words explaining what social enterprise is. A social enterprise is a business whose main purpose is to tackle a social issue, however as opposed to non-profits, which rely on philanthropy for their existence, social enterprise relies on a revenue-generating business model, which supports itself financially over time.

The population I chose was the at-risk youth population. Later on we augmented the workforce with youngsters from different backgrounds, physically or mentally handicapped. Each background with its specific complexities and challenges.

Since I myself had come from the high-tech world, I wanted to connect them to this model, where you can get far if you really apply yourself. Also, some of the youths had no papers to show (not all of them had completed their matriculation or their army service). This is a major obstacle in the Israeli job market but a good work portfolio can bridge this gap.

I recruited a group of professionals specializing in website building and design. They are the ones who teach the youths and mentor them through the first months of their employment. These professionals are also responsible for the quality of the end-product we deliver to our customers since the business aspect of our company has to be precise, just like the social aspect.

We chose to work on the WordPress platform, which is the leading platform today, enabling maximum flexibility for the product we develop – working with templates, maintaining precision and inserting code where necessary.

Want to see more?

We’d love you to take a peek at our website, see our work, and also hear some more about our story at: http://www.techjump.co.il/